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Ismael obeidat
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The family although oriented around fighting and war waging, has deep philosophies to offer to those who join in.


Freedom perhaps is what people value most, and so the kageha have their own thoughts on freedom, the kageha believe that there is only 1 true freedom, and that is the freedom of choice, every other freedoms that may be argued are merely branches of this freedom.

Good and Evil:

People have pondered on the line that defines good and evil for ages on end, the kageha believe that good is every choice made in the direction to make the society a better place, and evil is every choice made in the direction opposite to the later.

Rights and obligations:

Every society needs to let its members know their rights and obligations, and the kageha is no different, only the kageha believe that whatever right you think you are entitled to, is also your obligation to other people and to the society as a whole, if you think you are entitled to speak out with out fear of being oppressed then you must also hear what everyone else has to say in the matter, and respect their opinion and value it as your own. 

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