The Kageha Clan

The blade that lurks in the shadow

The Mon

This mon signifies the family and its history. 

The Kageha

The Kageha are a family in the game "Tatsumaki: land at war", we are a family of elite fighters, mainly working as mercenary, we retain a hidden agenda only revealed to those who make it to the commanding ranks.

Why should you join the Kageha?

Our family offers a unique hierarchy system that allows players to advance according to their skill, and gives everyone a chance to prove their position in the family.

Our dynamic family hierarchy system is filled with competition as well as custom made quests that test the player's skill.

Our family offers you the chance to become the leader on "perma death server" a unique rule that forbids dead characters from reclaiming their previous rank allows other players to advance into commanding ranks, adding new dynamics to the family, and new dimension the player must take in consideration.

About the family

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